Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seminar: Evaluation of a mouse model to predict allergenicity of food protein

Dr. Venu Gangur will present the seminar entitled “Evaluation of a mouse model to predict allergenicity of food protein” on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd at 12:40pm in room 206 Trout Food Science and Human Nutrition, Michigan State University. Refreshments at 12:20pm.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hungry for Change

Neal Fortin is quoted in the September 2009 Issue of ABA Journal in the article, “Hungry for Change. You can read the article here. The article by Kristin Choo is subtitled, “The feds consider a steady diet of stronger regulation to help fix the U.S. food safety network.”

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Educational experts' advice on how to get the most out of college classes

The Sunday New York Times Opinion section featured advice from several leading educators on how students can get the most from their college experience.  Although written for undergraduate students, there is  good advice here.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Michigan Eats Exhibit

Earlier this year, "Michigan Foodways" traveled with the Smithsonian's "Key Ingredients: America by Food." The Smithsonian's exhibition has left the state, and "Michigan Foodways" has returned to Michigan State University Museum. This transformed exhibit, renamed "Michigan Eats: Regional Culture through Food," is now at the Michigan State University Museum, Heritage Gallery, and will begin touring elsewhere in the state in the fall. For more information: email or phone (517) 355-2370.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

21st G. Malcolm Trout Annual Lecture-Dr. Keith West-Sept. 14

Please join the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition for the 21st G. Malcolm Trout Annual Lecture on Monday, September 14th.

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition





Keith P. West, Jr, Dr.P.H., R.D.
George G. Graham Professor of Infant and Child Nutrition
Director, Program and Center for Human Nutrition
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University

“Vitamin A Deficiency:
Evidence, Public Health, and Politics”




3435 Forest Road, Lansing, MI 48909



Speaker bio is available at:

Multitaskers Can Have, Uh, Cognitive Problems

From the Law Librarian Blog, “A series of tests show that people who multitask the most have a hard time concentrating and avoiding distractions compared to those multitasking the least. . . . Multitaskers consistently had performance problems when tested. I'd tell you more but I can't remember much about it having checked my three email accounts for the 30th time in the last five hours. Luckily I can remember where the citation is from. Read about it in Wired, here."

The original study is, “Cognitive control in media multitaskers.” By Eyal Ophira, Clifford Nass, and Anthony D. Wagner. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 106 No. 33, August 25, 2009.

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