Monday, June 22, 2009

Singletasking for Productivity Gains

Multitasking can make it difficult to get done the things that matter most. Productivity weblog WebWorkerDaily takes a fresh look at singletasking:

Singletasking is just what it sounds like: approaching and tackling one task at a time, sequentially, instead of trying to do a whole bunch of things at once, as has become de rigeur in our modern multitasking age. If you’re like me, the thought is probably at least a little refreshing, and maybe more than a little appealing right off the bat.

The principle is sound. Take on one task at a time, and don’t begin another until the one you’ve already started is complete. It sounds simple, but you know as well as I do that actually implementing that kind of thing in real life will take a lot more effort than you might first think. For one, it means ignoring any urge to procrastinate, and making sure that you prioritize very carefully in advance, lest you realize too late that what you thought was most urgent actually could’ve taken a back seat to something else.

. . . .

Ironically, multitasking may be the ideal way for the brain to procrastinate. Singletasking means have the discipline to focus on what matter most.

The hardest discipline of all may be using just one screen.

Let go of Ctrl+Tab and achieve more!

Singletasking: The Next Trend in Web Working? [WebWorkerDaily]

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